Support & FAQ is a series of YouTube Flash video to MP4 converters, with which, you can easily download and convert all kinds of YouTube videos to MP4 for sharing on portable devices or websites. Below are the quick FAQ about solutions of YouTube to MP4 Converter.

1. What is YouTube?
YouTube is the biggest video sharing sites. On sign up this site, you can upload, view and share videos. It featured of a wide variety of user-generated video content, including movie clips, TV clips, and music videos,  as well as amateur content such as video blogging, short original videos, and educational videos. More and more firms upload videos for advertiements.

2. What is MP4?
MP4 is the most popular video format. Featured on it's clear picture, suitable file size, etc, MP4 video is widely used on many fields, such as portable devices, some video share sites, etc. As the development of multimedia world, MP4 video is increasingly highlighted the advantages. 

3. Why downloading and converting YouTube to MP4?
After downloading and converting YouTube to MP4, you can enjoy the YouTube videos on your portableb devices, iPhone, iPad, iPod, etc anywhere; you also can share it with your friends, families, lovers.

4. What can YouTube to MP4 Converter do for you?
You can download, convert, play and manage the online YouTube videos to MP4.

5. Can YouTube to MP4 Converter download and convert multiple videos at a time?
Yes. It can download and convert single video and multiple videos at a time without speed loss.

6. How does the YouTube to MP4 Converter convert the downloaded YouTube videos?
Please refer to the user guide. If you are using Windows version, please refer to the guide xxxx; If using Mac version, please refer to the guide xxxx.

Youtube to MP4 Converter

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